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Being Alice


Real life can be too exhausting for some people. We face different problems everyday. And even after you solve one, you realize that there’s still more. Then your life starts to get boring with the repeating cycle every single day. It feels like the only way to keep moving is to go to that Wonderland. Hence, I become Alice.

No, I don’t have to travel down the rabbit hole. All I have to do is find that silent part of me, close my eyes (or sometimes they’re still open) and think. Imagination becomes my escape…even just for a while.

It’s weird how active my mind can get. Sometimes I close myself to the outside world and live a different life inside my head. I realized that this is not the same for everyone.

When I talked to my sister once, I asked her if she can live in her imagination. No, she answered. So is it just me?

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mom: amazons flying delivery drone is here with your package


me: what the fuck






Dads and Tumblr

Dads are like their own species

I miss my dad he is just like these dads 😂😂😂


I cannot wait to make more dad jokes; I need a copy of this joke book

I wonder if they have any idea how lucky they are to have you.

Stydia AU - Lydia dies when they get trapped in Eichen House with Brunski. After her death, Stiles pictures her everywhere and literally goes out of his freaking mind.


That is a magnificent shirt on him. That is also perfect hair on him. That is also a very cute face on him. 


following back everyone, follow me at  http://thugmufffin.tumblr.com


following back everyone, follow me at  http://thugmufffin.tumblr.com